Gabe Schiff-Verre

To start of 2022 Gabe Schiff-Verre is loaning three of his photographs of the Icelandic landscape to hang in our lounge through the end of February 2022. Gabe’s artist bio describes him as a “native to the beautifully wild, raw coast of Maine which he has been photographing landscape for over 20 years.” Printed on […]

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Kathleen Goddu

After two trips to Japan where she was introduced to ancient Japanese textile art forms, Kathleen learned the authentic techniques of the gorgeous Japanese dye process called Shibori and the white on indigo quilt stitching called Sashiko. As she became proficient in these processes she began to further explore their boundaries of design. Kathleen was

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Yelena Fiske

As a child Yelena received classic art training in Soviet Russia.  She has since moved to Maine and has decided to get back to her roots and continue her art education at The University of Southern Maine. Yelena is an accomplished painter and printmaker. She is well versed in encaustic and mixing mediums. Her figurative

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