First Visit

Checking In

Our procedures have temporarily changed in response to the pandemic. These changes are outlined on our homepage, and in your appointment confirmation emails.

Please call 207-400-5187 if you have any questions about your appointment.

Arrive Early

You’ll need to show up about 10-15 minutes early. We have a waiver for you to read and sign, and a short instructional video that you need to watch (even if you’ve floated somewhere else, you’ll want to learn how to use the controls to adjust the settings in the float tank). Want to save some time? Find out how to get this stuff out of the way beforehand.

What You'll Need

  • We provide everything you need to float! If you wear contacts, you’ll want to bring a case to keep them in, as well as any personal items you may want for after showering, such as a hairbrush. (No, you don’t need to bring a swimsuit or towel.)
  • You will be asked to provide your address required for the purpose of our waiver. We do not sell your personal information or send promotional mailings. You will also be asked to provide an emergency contact, if no emergency contact is provided, 911 will be listed for your emergency contact.

Float Prep

What To Expect

1. Check In

Sign waiver & watch instructional video (if not done beforehand).

2. Pick Your Music & Light Color

Our float systems give you the ability to customize each visit. You can chose a colored light for your float and a soft music track. These can be turned off and on from inside the tank so adjust them the way you’d like or turn them off all together and experience pure peace and quiet! We’ll ask about your preferences when you arrive to your appointment.

3. We'll Show You To Your Room

  • All amenities are provided for you. (towel, washcloths, earplugs, makeup wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, q-tips, and hair dryers.
  • You’ll shower before floating to help keep oil, debris, and hair and body products out of the tank water.
  • You’re in control of the lid, open and close it as you see fit.
  • There’s an intercom within the float system to communicate with the front desk should you need anything adjusted during your session. 

4. Just Float!

  • Enter the float system carefully, sit down and lay back.
  • You’ll bob to the top just like a buoy, you’re floating!
  • Try some different positions until you find one that’s comfortable.
  • Concentrate on your breath and try to clear your mind.

5. After Your Float

Take another shower to rinse the salt of your body. Your skin will feel soft from the Epsom salt and, believe it or not, your skin won’t even be pruned up! We have additional amenities in the ‘Prep Room’ where you can prepare to go about your day. You’ll find hair dryers, q-tips, lotion, contact solution. If you don’t need to hurry off, relax in the lounge and enjoy a cup of tea by Homegrown Herb and Tea!

Hey Over-Achievers? Want to Get Ahead of the Game?

Complete these two tasks before you arrive and you can show up just 5 minutes before your appointment instead of arriving 10-15 minutes prior.

Task 1: Watch Our Instructional Video

This video will guide you through your first visit to Float Harder and can answer most appointment related questions. It demonstrates how to use the float tanks and adjust their settings; plus, you’ll learn important tips that will make your introduction to the peaceful, practice of floating as comfortable as possible!

Task 2: Use Personal Link To Sign Your Waiver

Depending on what contact information we have for you, you may receive your link via text or email, or both.

1. The link to sign your waiver will look like this in your email. 

The link to sign your waiver will look like this in a text message. 

  • Follow the link to fill out, read and sign your waiver.
  • Please read each section carefully and determine if floating is right for you.
  • Check the box next to each of the three sections as you read
  • At the bottom of the waiver, check the box for “I have read and agree”, type your full name, draw your signature and select the green Complete Waiver button.

Didn’t get your waiver link? 
Don’t sweat it, you can always sign in store when you arrive.

Having trouble signing your waiver?
If the ‘Complete Waiver’ button is greyed out you’ve likely missed one of the steps, please review the steps listed above to complete any missed steps, once all steps are complete the ‘Complete Waiver’ button will appear green.