Yelena Fiske

As a child Yelena received classic art training in Soviet Russia.  She has since moved to Maine and has decided to get back to her roots and continue her art education at The University of Southern Maine.

Yelena is an accomplished painter and printmaker. She is well versed in encaustic and mixing mediums. Her figurative oil paintings depicting still lifes, flowers, and portraits have a quiet elegance that we were drawn to. The abstract pieces that Yelena has loaned us are vivid and joyful as their compositions demonstrate movement. They are hypnotic in this way. The shapes and brushstrokes bob and fluctuate in space in a slow roiling manner. These abstractions feel synaptic. They could represent the microcosm in a cellular level or mimic a universe forever expanding. To those of us at Float Harder we easily connect the bioluminescence one sees while floating and the implied weightlessness we feel within the tank.

Illusion 30″ X 24″

​If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions about these paintings, please contact Yelena at OR if you are interested in having your art featured in our float center,
please contact us!

Float 15″ X 15″