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Downeast Magazine

By Joe Ricchio
July 2018

The Derry Rundlett Show

Community Television Network 5
January 01, 2018

Get Up & Go Vlog

By Travis Marsh
April 25, 2017


James & Amy of Float Harder, Episode 16

By Alex Lyscars, Austin Miller & Ben Moore of Plethora
August 30, 2016

Read & Relax #273

By Dr. Lisa Belisle of Love Maine Radio
January 01, 2018

Feature Articles

My Experience At Float Harder

By Kim French, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Portland
December 14, 2017

Float Harder Makes the Easy Choice: Run & Sponsor Trail To Ale

By Portland Trails

Looking To Relax? Try Floating!

By AJ, 94.9 WHOM
May 20, 2016

Chill Out In A Float Pod at Float Harder Relaxation Center In Portland

By Shannon Bryan, Founder of
April 28, 2016

WMPG - Presents Float Harder

By Lynda Adams of Successful Balanced Living, WMPG
May 3, 2017

Visit from Mayor Strimling

Float Harder Grand Opening
April 16, 2016

Work Hard, Float Harder

By Jeanee Dudley, Maine Women's Magazine
October 31, 2016

Float Your Stress Away In Portland

By Lori Voornas, Q97.9
July 5, 2017

Portland Phoenix - Editors' Pick!

By The badass editors of The Portland Phoenix
April 27, 2017