Stacy Howe

Stacy Howe Welcome to Float Harder, my name is Stacy Howe and I hail from Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Portland in 2008. I am one of the newest members of the team. Since I began working at Float Harder in December 2018 I have floated 31 times and counting! I am a fine artist when I am not facilitating your float experience. Floating helps me solidify my creative ideas. My artist practice has me doing a lot of high definition drawing and cutting paper and has taken its […]

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Jess Rexford

Jess Rexford  Originally from New Hampshire, I lived all over New England before deciding to call Maine home. Now a resident of Windham, I enjoy the quick commute to Portland, especially when the destination includes floating.After learning some friends had tried this thing called ‘floating’ a few years back I had to give it a go. As someone who enjoys the quieter parts of life, floating, with the relief it brings to the senses, and ability to really check in with the body and mind, […]

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