Float Harder Gear

We order small batches from local designer and screen printer, Victor Rios. Size, cut and color not guaranteed. Available in store only, so check out our stock next time you’re in and rep some local apparel! 

Color Glasses

What more is there to say? These color glasses will change your perspective. Color is a powerful influencer of mood and different shades can effect people in various ways. We offer a full spectrum line of UV blocking eyewear that can be enjoyed outside or inside. Try the different colors on while you’re sippin’ tea, post float and find out which color brightens your day!


Red – Classic

Orange – Classic

Yellow – Classic

Green – Classic

Blue – Classic

Aqua – Classic

Indigo – Classic

Violet – Classic

Magenta – Classic

Rose – Classic


Red – Sport

Orange – Sport

Yellow – Sport

Green – Sport

Blue – Sport

Aqua – Sport

Indigo – Sport

Violet – Sport

Magenta – Sport

Rose – Sport