About Floating- Different Ways to Float

Sensory Deprivation

Floating is an amazing tool for relaxing, physical recovery, pain management and learning. Floating can be experienced in a variety of different types of float tanks. There are float pods, float pools, float cabins, and float rooms. The respective space contains roughly ten inches of skin temperature water (93.5 degrees) and one thousand pounds of medical grade Epsom salt. The air in the tank is also heated to skin temperature. The ears remain under water, dampening sound. The person floating is in control of the door and the light inside the tank.

With the door closed and the light off, it is completely dark. The user is free from all distraction and the controlled environment makes it challenging to distinguish where the body ends and the water and air begin. The salty solution makes floating effortless; it takes the pressure of gravity off muscles and joints, reduces stimulation of the senses and provides the body with much needed Magnesium. It is a great way to completely relax the body and the mind.

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