Mattie Rose Templeton

To get us through the rest of 2021 we have adorned our small gallery with artworks crafted by Maine artist Mattie Rose Templeton. Mattie Rose is a self-taught artist, born and raised in rural Maine. As a child, she had a plethora of illustrated children’s books at her finger tips. Mattie Rose and her three siblings were homeschooled and the family lived off grid. This alternative lifestyle was the foundation for the blooming of her vivid imagination. Much of her adult life has been spent in the rich and thriving art world of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mattie self describes her work as fantastical and inspired by the beauty found in the natural world. Her work can be found in shops all around New England.

The Observer

To borrow from an interview from 302 Gallery in Bridgeton, Maine, Mattie says this about her practice, “Art is something I have been creating since I was able to move color on a blank white sheet of paper.  I am a self taught artist, born and raised in Maine.  Much of my adult life has been spent in the rich and thriving art world of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have been greatly influenced by Spanish American and Native American Art styles.  Today my subjects are often animals and nature in fantastical combinations.  My favorite mediums are pen and ink, and oil. Sometimes I like to paint with gouache and  then accent with India ink.  I use a quill pen to create different thickness of lines, and a brush to cover more ground with black ink.”

Because the holidays are upon us we would like to point you toward to purchase prints, cards, stickers, and blank journals. Click this link for a list of shops that carry her products. Stores that carry Mattie Rose Templeton.

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