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 Thank you for your interest in our float center.  We are a float spa in Portland, Maine.  Looking for a new experience?  Try the ultimate tool for relaxation.  Our sensory deprivation tanks will help you to relax your muscles and clear your mind.  If you experience chronic pain, enjoy meditation, feel overwhelmed by sensory over load, are looking for that competitive edge, or just want to relax, then treat yourself to a session in one of our float pods or float rooms!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had my 1st float yesterday.  It was a birthday gift card from my twin sister and her wife to me. I have to say, it was wonderful.  First of all, the staff were exceptional. Friendly, courteous, respectful, sincere, professional, helpful, etc. Sorry I can’t remember their names but they’re definitely keepers! The whole experience was so unique! 90 minutes was wonderful! The whole place was warm (temperature-wise and atmosphere-wise), inviting, comfortable. I had some of the “Home Grown” tea after, the Tutti-Fruitt flavor and that was such a nice touch for the after experience, just acclimating myself to getting ready to go out into the cold, winter weather and just life itself. I was a bit nervous but also curious and excited when I first went in and now that I’ve done it, I would def do it again! Thanks again for bringing such a cool, different way to relax and unwind to Maine!


I want to tell you that I was a bit skeptical about the whole concept of your practice having had an unenjoyable experience with a tub/hydro massage years ago. What an amazing surprise the experience was at Float Harder. At one point, music off, light off, tears welling in my eyes... Every pain in my body was gone. It was the real deal. Thank you for that experience.



Cleaning has always been our priority, and we’ve made a few adjustments and additions to our routine. We’ll need your help to limit the spread of COVID-19, so please review the following changes to procedures before your appointment.


  • Appointments are now staggered – to reduce the amount of people in common areas at one time, with two appointments starting each hour, on the hour throughout the day.
  • The tea station and lounge will remain closed – with this in mind if you would like water during your appointment, please bring some with you.
  • Refrain from arriving more than 15 minutes early– Depending on your comfort level, you are welcome to wait inside for your appointment at this time. If you would prefer to wait in your car, send us a text letting us know you are here, and we will reach out to you when your room is ready.
  • Come prepared with a mask – to wear in the common areas.
  • Consider light and music preferences prior to your appointment – this will streamline check-in and reduce face to face interactions. The light and music options can be found here on our website.
  • If this is your first visit to Float Harder – please work with our staff to complete your orientation, waiver and check-in prior to arrival, we’ll be in touch to help with the process.

AS ALWAYS, please stay home if you are not feeling well and our staff will do the same.


Come see how the many benefits of floating can improve your well-being!