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Farrin Hanson

True story. James Harder, one of our owners, was on a flight back to Maine when he noticed this artist busily creating one of her dinosaur drawings on a small piece a paper. Being a lover of the arts James could not help inquiring about her artwork. Before they parted Farrin gave James one of …

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Alone, but not Lonely

In many ways, our culture has fostered an unhealthy relationship with time spent alone. Even the words that we use to describe alone time are often steeped in some kind of negative connotation. Solitude. Seclusion. Withdrawal. Loneliness.  Loneliness is especially telling: the etymology of the word is simply in the act of being alone, but …

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Liz Long

Float Harder would like to introduce artist Liz Long. She has kindly loaned us a few of her work to display for the months of May and June. Come gaze at these brilliant and fanciful art works while enjoying our lounge.  Liz is a freelance illustrator, fiber artist, and art educator at Portland Arts and …

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