Meet the team!

Amy Harder - Owner

Amy was first introduced to floating by James on a ‘date night’ over ten years ago! She knew floating was a powerful thing, but just didn’t have a good first experience, or felt that she actually ‘got it’. What she did take from her underwhelming first float, was an inspiration to set up a space and provide guidance that would help as many people as possible learn how to find comfort in a float tank. She wanted to introduce floating in a carefully curated space, something she knew would have made a big difference for her.  After learning how to find comfort in a float tank, she now enjoys a deep rest and a peaceful uplifting feeling as part of her float practice. Floating helps her feel rested and optimistic and she really appreciates how the ‘to do’ list doesn’t feel so urgent after a float. Running three float businesses has taken her focus for the last 6+ years and she regularly squeezes in fun and new adventures! In addition to her love of floating (and James!), Amy loves all things summer, roller skating and just about any activity with her best friend, Charlie, by her side!

James Harder - Owner

Over the last handful of years James has made floating a large part of his life and continues to find great enjoyment sharing the practice with others. Shortly after opening Float Harder in 2016 he and Amy went on to start New England Float Partners a float tank consulting, installation and service business that has created the opportunity to work with the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Tom Brady directly. In 2018 James took a seat on the Floatation Tank Association Board of Directors and is currently Secretary of the organization. In 2019 James took a position on the Float Conference Board of Directors with the (not so secret) intention of bringing the conference to Portland, Maine and this goal will be achieved in the Summer of 2022. In 2020 James and Amy partnered with their friend Alex to open Ripple Float & Wellness Center in New Haven, CT. Over this time James has continued to float regularly, rarely missing a whole week and often getting tanked 2-3 times per week. He is regularly pleasantly and surprisingly reminded of how as he puts it “the tank gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want”.

CHARLIE! - Customer Greeting Lead

As official greeter, he somehow manages to be Employee Of The Month… every month, no matter how many naps he takes on the job or days he decides not to come in. When at the shop, Charlie enjoys floating mainly for the spa lobby, where he is in close proximity to a revolving door of humans ready to shower him with compliments, free ear scratches and a prime window spot to keep a close lookout for those pesky bicycles. When not at the float center, he can be found with his trusty sidekick, Amy. Nothing brings him joy like time spent eating green beans, destroying a frisbee or napping under the adoring gazes of his extensive fan club. 

Sam - Co-Manager

When not eating her way through Portland, Sam likes to spend time playing disc golf, going phishing and discovering new live music.

Floating was love at first discovery, but she had no idea how much it would eventually change her life.  As Float Harder’s very first employee in 2016, with little control over the volume of her voice and a lot of restless energy, she quickly became grateful for the quiet space free from the distractions that are always being thrown at us. In the past five years, she has clocked in over 433 hours in the tank, and credits a regular float practice for making her feel more grounded and generally, a better person to be around.

Jess - Co-Manager

As someone who enjoys the quieter parts of life, the relief floating brings to the senses had Jess hooked from the start. Logging in over 215 hours floating, she still finds each float to be so different. While a mostly unexpected career path, now most of her time is dedicated to expanding the reach of floating. When not at Float Harder, she spends time supporting the Floatation Tank Association and in her free time can be found gardening, anywhere near the water and soaking up any ray of sunshine possible!

Stacy - Facilities Management Lead

Over the past three years, she has clocked in a whopping 200 hours floating! As a fine artist by trade, floating helps her solidify creative ideas. Due to the repetitive, high definition nature of her artwork, she finds floating helps dissipate the extreme tension she holds in her hands and jaw. After a float, she leaves feeling rejuvenated and ready to draw again with clear vision.

When not floating she can be found working on one artistic endeavor or another and enjoys watching horror films and attending experimental music performances.



Has a penchant for thrifting and reselling, concert-going, and loving on her two bunnies, Bowie & Iko. When she’s not out seeing live music she also finds a hobby in photography. 

She was introduced to floating by her friend Sam (Float Harder’s first employee!) and was hooked out the gate. Floating has aided her anxiety in a big way. Bren sees the benefits of floating in her demeanor, physical comfort, and overall mood. She has clocked in around 115 hrs in the tank, feels better all around after a float and truly values her time spent in the tank.


After two years of the pandemic Kellie decided that she wanted a job that helps support herself and others doing absolutely nothing. In a culture of doing and achieving, wouldn’t it be a kind respite to work in a place that is all about well-being?  About being at all. As a professional helper-outer in the realms of body work and sexual health, she relishes in taking time to float in the darkness of our own universe.

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Interested in Becoming a Float Facilitator at Float Harder?

We are always looking for new team members who share a passion for floating, wellness practices and an interest in helping facilitate other’s journeys into the floating abyss!


  • Cleaning The Facility – general daily upkeep, the changing over of rooms between visits, laundry, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE -we do A LOT of cleaning here (this is about 80% of the job)!
  • Guest Experience – manage the check in process, answer customer questions, answer the phone, social media, email communications, booking appointments, etc.

– likes to clean (we mean obsessively!) with an eye for detail
– is a self starter and identifies tasks to be done
– loves to float and is passionate about sharing floating with others
– has basic computer skills
– has a pleasant personality and feels fit enough to bend, reach, squat and scrub for a full shift
– is able to multitask and prioritize effectively
– is reliable- we are a small team, so call outs are highly disruptive

If you think this might be you, feel free to upload your resume and complete the form below! We may not currently be hiring, but when openings become available applications on file will be reviewed first.

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