Mugs for Floats

Our lounge has re-opened. Not only do we have a fresh coat of paint and new furniture to enhance your post float experience we have new artisan mugs to steep our herbal teas from Homegrown Herb & Tea here in Portland. Float Harder has commissioned a few local potters to showcase their designs in our shop in exchange for some deep muscle relaxation. If you have ever seen a potter work you know just how strenuous the process can be. Not to mention each piece is a real labor of love. We would love to give props to these artists and share their studio information so you can also invest in these fine pieces for home. Remember the holidays do sneak up on us so consider some early gift purchases.

Jose Gouveia Pottery

Jose Gouveia Pottery on Etsy


Ali Filippelli: Little Gray Studios 


Emily Armstrong: Armstrong Pottery


Julia Fernandes

Jules Made this Pottery