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The GIANT LIST of Thank Yous!!

From the earliest stage of our business planning, we’ve kept a list. The list is all the people who have lifted us up along the way and helped us to start this business. Certainly we’ve missed a person or two here or there and for that, please accept our apologies! We had grand ideas of… Read more »

Pod vs. Room… what’s the difference, anyway?

We get this question A LOT so we felt inspired to make a quick blog post discussing the differences in these two types of float tanks. ​The pod and the room, essentially, provide the same floatation experience. They are both designed to float your body in roughly ten inches of skin temperature, heavily salinated (Epsom… Read more »

Introducing… Float For Philanthropy!

Just When You Thought Floating Couldn’t Feel Any Better! We’re donating 100% of the days earnings and YOU get to choose the charity! The Details… WHEN: We hold this event quarterly and announce the dates first to our email subscribers. If you haven’t signed for our emails yet, use the form in the lower right corner of… Read more »

Floatease – The Halo

Introducing…  The Halo! Ok, float enthusiasts. This is the sort of thing we geek out about around here! We got some new equipment to help enhance your float. You’ve tried floating a few times now and you really liked it, buuuuut there was some tension in your neck still so you tried the pillow. Ohhh… Read more »

Floatation Transformation: Float Your Way To Happiness.

Imagine freeing your body from gravity and your mind from information overload – just floating in a peaceful, meditative state. That’s just what Shelby Johnson, Marketing Associate, experienced when she visited Float Harder Relaxation Center, which recently opened in Portland, Maine. Flotation therapy spas and “float centers” are cropping up across the globe, offering an array of benefits,… Read more »

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