Q: How clean is it?

A: Really, REALLY clean!


Cleaning and sanitation has been a focus for us, long before it was in fashion. The float tank automatically filters the salt solution after each float and our staff is carefully trained to sanitize the shower, float tank and other high touch areas with an EPA certified disinfectant before the next float begins. This is standard, it’s what we’ve always done. However, as an added precaution since the global health pandemic, we’ve implemented additional steps to our existing procedures. This includes misting the entire interior of the float tank with a disinfecting solution, finalizing each room cleaning with a medical grade disinfectant wipe, regularly sanitizing common areas, and staggering float times to minimize congestion in the common areas.

These updated protocols were the result of countless hours of research and collaboration regarding best practices. The Harder’s serve on the board of directors and multiple committees for the Floatation Tank Association and have been actively involved in collaborating with sanitation experts and researchers in the float industry to formulate best practices for float centers during this pandemic.

In addition to our cleaning protocols, the support and cooperation of our customers helps keep the center running like a well oiled machine. Since our reopening, following our COVID 19 temporary closure, we have added some new (temporary) procedures we ask customers to follow when visiting us. The specifics can be found here.


Between each session, the Epsom salt solution is run through a three part filtration system, three times! That includes a one micron carbon filter, a UV light treatment and an ozone infusion. Not to mention, the Epsom salt solution alone is naturally a very inhospitable environment for bacteria, microbes and viruses.

We are confident in the measures we are taking to maintain a clean, safe space to relax; however, we are a public space and if you are feeling under the weather, we do encourage you to reschedule for a later date.