Stacy Howe

Meet our Float Facilitators!!

Welcome to Float Harder, my name is Stacy Howe and I hail from Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Portland in 2008. I am one of the newest members of the team. Since I began working at Float Harder in December 2018 I have floated 31 times and counting! I am a fine artist when I am not facilitating your float experience. Floating helps me solidify my creative ideas. My artist practice has me doing a lot of high definition drawing and cutting paper and has taken its toll on my body. I hold so much tension in my hands and jaw while I am making work. The strain on my eyes is also intense. While floating my muscles unravel and that tension dissipates. After I feel rejuvenated and ready to draw again with clear vision.

In the tank I like to have complete darkness and then wake up to a color. When I chose the rainbow option it is a surprise to see what I wake up to. As for sound I am a fan of white noise. I often us my own collection of sounds like sonar, spring peepers, or low deep tones. The thunder storm track we offer at the shop is a major staple and a favorite of many of our guests.

​When I am not floating I am usually working on one artistic endeavor or another. I watch horror films and enjoy going to experimental music performances.

self portrait pre-float by Stacy Howe  mixed media 2015 ​45″ X 36 1/2″
collage drawing with ink, charcoal, and acrylic, with prints