Jess Rexford

Meet our Float Facilitators!!

Originally from New Hampshire, I lived all over New England before deciding to call Maine home. Now a resident of Windham, I enjoy the quick commute to Portland, especially when the destination includes floating. After learning some friends had tried this thing called ‘floating’ a few years back I had to give it a go. As someone who enjoys the quieter parts of life, floating, with the relief it brings to the senses, and ability to really check in with the body and mind, had me hooked from the start. My time at Float Harder started in 2017, as a just for fun, one day a week job that allowed me to be closer to floating. Now you can find me here most days of the week! 

Logging in 115 hours floating, after 77 sessions, each float is still so different. Floating has really helped me be aware of any physical imbalances, allow for total tension release, and gives me the opportunity to work on my meditation practice. When my mind is having a hard time quieting, I find it helpful to listen to music on the lowest volume, and while I prefer to float with the lights off, magenta is my favorite color to come back to when the float is over. My renewed focus on living a slow life, can at least be partly attributed to this floating practice. When I’m not at Float Harder, you can likely find me gardening, cooking up some delicious veggies, paddling on the lake, walking in the woods with our rescue pup, Sadie, snuggled in reading a book with our cat, Rupert, and soaking up any ray of sunshine possible!