Samantha Allen

Meet our Float Facilitators!!

I was born and raised in Portland, Maine. I wasn’t planning on living in Maine for very long but after substantial traveling, I quickly realized that Portland had so much more to offer than I was giving it credit for. 
When I am not eating my way through Portland I like to spend my time playing disc golf, going phishing and discovering new live music.
I am a self proclaimed cat lady and have two wonderful cats but am currently dreaming of finding a home outside of Portland’s Peninsula where I will have room to grow food and flowers.

The first time I heard about floating I knew it was going to be something that I would fall in love with but I had no idea how much it would eventually change my life. I found Float Harder in 2016 with little control over the volume of my voice and a lot of restless energy. I am grateful for a quiet space free from the distractions that are always being thrown at us. 

The float tanks have given me a space to create a meditation practice that I have not yet been able to find otherwise. I have found that a regular floating practice has allowed me to be more grounded and generally, a better person to be around. 
In three years, I have floated 184 times and clocking in 276 hours in the tank. ​