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Alone, Not Lonely

In many ways, our culture has fostered an unhealthy relationship with time spent alone. Even the words that we use to describe alone time are often steeped in some kind of negative connotation. Solitude. Seclusion. Withdrawal. Loneliness.  Loneliness is especially telling: the etymology of the word is simply in the act of being alone, but …

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Floating Up From The Depths

As a vehicle for both relaxation and recovery, float tanks are fairly unparalleled. There are lots of studies and anecdotes about the benefits that even a single hour float can offer. The most profound (and often inspiring) results, however,  actually come from floating more regularly. We hear this everyday in our conversations with our members …

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Kasey Beaudoin

Float Harder is about to get a slap of intense color starting this March! Psychedelic artist Kasey Beaudoin is a Mainer that creates works on canvas that are blacklight reactive with 3D and chromadepth glasses. She has been known to make the occasional festival poster and works worthy of consciousness-expanding environments. Kasey started floating with …

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