Take some time to relax in our lounge

Where floaters have a space to relax before hopping in the tank and before easing back into the outside world. 

When you come to float, we recommend making a little extra time before and after your appointment time to relax in our lounge. Your float will be much more enjoyable if you don’t have to rush in to relax and hurry back out into the real world. We have a variety of delicious tea from Homegrown Herb & Tea as well as books to read and color in, but be careful, the couch has been known to eat people from time to time.

Coloring Books 
Coloring is a wonderful form of mediation. Our Float Center is all about enhancing relaxation. The official “Bob Ross Coloring Book” is on the top of our coloring book stack. Pick up some markers and coloring pencils and color away!

Maine Magazines 
Whether you’re a Mainer or here traveling, we highly suggest that you dive into reading these. These Maine based magazines share articles on top places to visit, eat, shop, and more. It is also a great way to check out monthly events going on in town. After all, Maine is known as “Vacation Land” and reading through these is a great way to find some hidden gems. We are also proud to say that our Float Center was published in the July 2018 Down East magazine! 

Grab a  book, any book! Our window sill hosts a number of books written by John C. Lilly himself (Inventor of float tanks). If you are searching for a book about healthy living, pick up “Own your Day, Own your life” by Aubrey Marcus. This book highlights different practices on how to truly optimize your daily routine. Another one of our books is, “Unsinkable” by Emily Kate Noren. It is a short but very touching read. She courageously shares her story about her eating disorder and how floating made a huge impact on her recovery. It is quite an inspiring story! 

Monthly Art 
Each month we’ve been lucky to have a continuous flow of amazing art to feature. Much like this life, our space is vibrant and ever changing because we are filling it with good people doing great things! If you’re wanting to get in touch with any of the artists from our program or to find out how you could find your art in our lounge space, then please check out the “Feature Artist” section of our blog. 

We supply a variety of complimentary teas to help you ease back into the real world gracefully. Homegrown Herb & Tea is an old world apothecary style tea shop located on Congress Street in downtown Portland. They lovingly provide hand blended and tied tea bags full of creatively thoughtful blends of seasonal selections. 

Float Journal
This journal is filled with ALL sorts of stories, quotes, crazy doodles and drawings, we encourage everyone to take some time to share your experience!