Gracelyn Kilpatrick

August Feature Artist

Gracelyn was born and raised in Maine, with one toe always in the ocean. She currently lives in Portland surrounding herself with the creative energy of the small coastal city.

​Her greatest inspiration came from her grandmother, Eileen Taska, who was an artist and a doctor. Gracie sees her own artwork as an extension of the power and beautiful of the ocean as well as a tribute to her grandmother and the gift of artistic talent that Gracie inherited from her.

The name Taskafish is a combination of her family name and Gracelyn’s most favorite subject matter. Gracelyn divides her time between Maine and Bermuda, where the Taska’s have family ties.

She finds inspiration in the rocky coastline of Maine to the vivid blue waters, coastal reefs and pink sand beaches of Bermuda. When Gracelyn isn’t busy creating, you can find her running, playing her Ukulele, advocating for the protection of coral reefs, having coffee with friends and most likely… smiling and laughing.

If you’re interested in having your art featured in our float center,
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