Pod vs. Room… what’s the difference, anyway?

We get this question A LOT so we felt inspired to make a quick blog post discussing the differences in these two types of float tanks.

​The pod and the room, essentially, provide the same floatation experience. They are both designed to float your body in roughly ten inches of skin temperature, heavily salinated (Epsom salt) water. They are simply shaped differently. Float tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  A lot of people assume that these are small tanks with a lid right over your face (like a tanning bed or an MRI), but this isn’t the case, they are large and spacious! 

The Pods

We have two identical float pods here at Float Harder, Our pods have an interior measurement of 7 feet in length and 4 feet in width. The domed lid is huge and the whole unit is the size of a small car. You can sit up fully in the pod even with the lid closed. There’s an opening along the back of the pod for air to circulate. ​The lid of the pod can also be left cracked for even more air flow. Leaving the lid cracked is only recommended for people who tend to always be on the warm side as the tank is constantly working to keep the water and air to skin temperature (about 94 degrees) for optimal comfort.

The Evolution Float Pod 7′ x 4′

Leaving the lid open completely is possible, but will most likely cause you to feel cold and this can be difficult to ignore. If you’re someone who tends to get cool easily you might want to try a float room as they tend to feel a little warmer and a bit more humid.

The Rooms

Our float rooms offer a bigger, more open option for floating. They are hard to photograph because of the way they are built into the wall. You step though a door into the enclosed tub.  We have two different size float rooms, Standard and Deluxe!  Some people ask if you use the rooms standing up, you don’t.  You use the room the same way you use the pod or any other modern float tank, you lay down and just float.

The Standard Float Room: is 8 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. It has a high ceiling, reaching 7 feet. It’s slightly bigger than the pod, but a comparable floating space.

Lots of space for one person!

The Deluxe Float Room: is 8 feet long and 6 feet 3 inches wide! It also has a 7 foot ceiling. The Deluxe is large enough that it can be used by one or two people. Pricing is a little different on this tank because of all the extra salt, water and energy it requires.

Deluxe Float Room 8′ x 6.25′
Plenty of space for one or two people!

Well… those are the basic differences in the pod vs. the room. Most people do have a preference after trying both, but it’s pretty split which they prefer!