Trauma Intervention Program

Float For Philanthropy

We’re excited to share that the recipient of our most recent Float for Philanthropy event is the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP). Their volunteers respond to traumatic situations as emotional first responders, providing emotional support for victims as well as their families. TIP volunteers show up to a massive range of situations including car accidents, drug overdoses and the sudden passing of loved ones. We are honored to be able to help contribute to such an important cause! If you would like more information or to contribute to their cause, click here to find the website. TIP also offers training classes, teaching people how to help those in crisis, the next class begins on October 24th. 

Interested in participating in future Float For Philanthropy events?
We hold these events 4 times a year where ALL floats are discounted to $50 ($90 for a double float), with the entire days proceeds going to a local charity that YOU enter into a random drawing.

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