Christine Anuszewski

February Feature Artist

Christine grew up in Maine and developed a loving appreciation for art at an early age. She spent her childhood exploring the beach, the ocean, the outdoors and all of the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Her gratitude for the natural world, combined with her curiosity, led to her desire to explore and find exotic beauty around the globe. Christine has spent much of her adult life pondering an atlas while learning about different cultures, geography, fauna and flora. Her multicultural interests have led to her yugen lifestyle, setting foot in more than twenty countries and visited all of the seven continents. Also, Christine is a certified PADI Divemaster and a Goodwill Ambassador to the City of Matuse, Japan to name a few of her many accomplishments.
Christine is a self-taught photographer who trusts her intuition to capture the perfect moment through the lens. She enjoys documenting landscape, people, cultures, customs, and wildlife,  capturing unique images filled with the beauty of the places she visits. Christine knows how to connect with source energy to incorporate moments of joy, happiness, bliss, love and freedom into her work, hence calling herself a “soulful seer”. She has spent a summer at Maine Media Workshop working as the manager for the Young Artist Program, taught photography to students at Kennebunk Middle School and was a photography volunteer with Africa Impact’s South Africa Wildlife Conservation Project. 
Christine has invested many years of her own time and her own money to attend intuition, yoga and energy workshops and mediation retreats. She has read numerous self-help books, Ancient Wisdom, energy work and quantum physics books to aid in her own journey of self-awakening. She strongly believes that by allowing the laws of nature to flow through us rather than resisting them we can connect to the present moment where infinite possibility is at our reach effortlessly. By observing the natural world, how animals interact with one another, the motion of the waves of the ocean, the changing of the seasons and all that happens naturally, we as humans have the same capacity within our own selves to be a part of the natural world. Letting go of our own emotional drama and self-imposed limitations will help us to deepen our own love vibration filled with joy, love, bliss and freedom to live out our lives in accordance to the law of nature and create the space for inner peace and a much more abundantly filled lifestyle. 

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