Sam Guay

January Feature Artist

Sam Guay is an illustrator primarily focused on personal works exploring lucid dreams, sensory deprivation and unseen emotional worlds. She’s currently working to finish the Blood Moon Tarrot, a full tarrot deck, in early 2018.
Sam lives and works in the woods of New Hampshire. Her work has been included in publications such as Nightmare Magazine, Spectrum and ImagineFX.

The Moon

We need to understand our world and to make sense of the chaos we give everything confines, names, rules and masks- and often we believe those definitions to exist as a binary; male and female, good and evil, positive and negative. We forget that those extremes are rare and most of reality dwells in a vast grey area. 

The moon rules chaotic places, it is illusionary, shifting and undefinable. We can wear many contradicting masks and each one can be as true to ourselves as the next.


The lovers are driven by a single passion- against all odds, despite the plans others have made for them, the must find their meaning. There is something in the world made for them, some design crafted perfectly for them. They are a single flower that only choses to bloom for a rare dusty moth. A single key for a mysterious lock. A beautiful song that con only be sung by a gathering of specific voices, at a certain time, in a certain place. 

​This is the moment when, in all the billions of years of chaos, something insignificant seems to bloom with perfect meaning.

​The ability to see past those contradictions, to know that there is really no difference between dreams and reality except for the words we give to those experiences, gives birth to creativity, madness and all the strangeness of the moonlit world.

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