Rachel Michaud

May Feature Artist

These paintings are my attempt at capturing the beauty of nature with color.
The flowers have special significance for me and I wanted to keep them forever.

The bouquet is a painting of the flowers that I purchased at the farmers market in Portland to bring to my mother’s wake. She would have loved them. I wanted to remember them and her always.

The sunflowers were grown in the community garden where I have a large garden every year. It is my happy place. Working the soil, tending the plants, the solitude. Capturing those flowers takes me back there even in the dead of winter.

The landscape is another favorite place in the Hudson Vally of New York where there is little traffic and just the sounds of nature and beautiful light.

I have always been what one would call a “creative” person. The career path I chose was to become a graphic designer where I felt I could develop skills that would help me find employment in a creative field. I have been a graphic designer for over thirty years.

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