Kasey Beaudoin

Float Harder is about to get a slap of intense color starting this March! Psychedelic artist Kasey Beaudoin is a Mainer that creates works on canvas that are blacklight reactive with 3D and chromadepth glasses. She has been known to make the occasional festival poster and works worthy of consciousness-expanding environments. Kasey started floating with us back in 2016. Our artist exchange program will hand off some free floats to Kasey for allowing us to showcase a few of her pieces on our lounge. We are excited to see the reactions of our clients as they soak in these kaleidoscopic works of art post float. To get a sampling of her work and inquire about sales hit up her Instagram @perceptual.integration.

Here is a little biographical information from Kasey. I’m a self taught artist from waterville Maine. Creation of art with acrylic paints and markers is my main means of personal expression. Each piece is like taking a brilliant stroll through the art of my soul; It’s a multicoloured mesmeric place at times. The lines and designs encompass the flow of consciousness, and the colors represent the vibrancy of emotions. I’ve done live painting at a few musical festivals in Maine and hope to do so again this summer. Im currently working on a series of paintings that focus on the dualistic aspects of the human experience. When I’m not doing art Im busy working as a Senior Lab Assistant at MaineGeneral and on my down time I enjoy taking hikes with my dog Kinnip.

Kasey’s pieces will be on display at Float Harder until the end of April 2022. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to stay abreast of her work and exhibitions @Perceptual.Integration.