Jesse W. Lane

Jesse’s lives and works in his home studio in Brownfield, Maine. His artworks are reactions to the feelings about his romantic relationships, domestic life, family, communication and, more recently, the pandemic, and his own autism. In describing his lexicon of figures Jesse explains “often, I use the figure or other shapes (e.g., houses) in an ephemeral way; however, what I intend to communicate is less important to me than making work that resonates with viewers on some level. I have struggled with the same kinds of issues all people do (e.g., fear, depression, loneliness, regret) and hope my work conveys the human condition in a way that is relatable.”

In 2019 Jesse created a drag alter-ego, Miss Byrdie Flip, and began developing her narrative on social media. Byrdie is inspired by television characters Thelma Harper, Dorothy Zbornak, and Blanche Devereaux (with a sprinkle of Sue Ann Nivens). Miss Flip was featured in a series of videos giving social commentary, speaking with guest visitors, and offering unsolicited therapeutic advise. 

Collaboration is another part of Jesse’s practice. Through a process of starting a work and sending it on too one or two other artists Jesse has built a large body of multimedia works. Exchanging these pieces like an exquisite corpse game  each artist  adds elements and alters figures to ultimately engage in chance encounters with new designs and conversations between forms. 

If you would like to see the full breadth of Jesse W Lane’s work you can visit his website here: Jesse W. Lane Art. Three of Jesse’s most recent pieces are on display at Float Harder through November, 2022. Please contact Jesse though his site if you are interested in making a purchase.