Farm To Table Kids

1st Quarter Float For Philanthropy Winner!!

We’re so glad that we can help to give back to our community, thank you to everyone who came to float for a good cause!! The votes are in and Farm to Table Kids is the winner of the proceeds from the entire day. 
Farm to Table Kids is a local non-profit located on a farm in North Yarmouth that helps to teach children and families that healthy food can be fun, educational and sustainable! This money will go to helping to fund a solar powered green house and new garden beds (among other things). 

​If you want to know more about Farm to Table Kids,
​you can check out their website by clicking here.

What is Float For Philanthropy??
It is an event we hold 4 times a year where ALL floats are discounted to $50 ($90 for a double float). The entire days proceeds go to a local charity that YOU enter into a random drawing.
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