Floatease – The Halo

Introducing…  The Halo!

Ok, float enthusiasts. This is the sort of thing we geek out about around here! We got some new equipment to help enhance your float.

You’ve tried floating a few times now and you really liked it, buuuuut there was some tension in your neck still so you tried the pillow. Ohhh the pillow, designed for your snoozing comfort on an airplane so it must be the perfect fit for your float tank journey! I’m kidding, sure they did the trick, but when you put this much effort into helping people experience true nothingness; the feeling of a thick, wet, ever leaking air cushion hoisting your neck and head up out of the water and out of alignment can be pretty distracting. 

 “The Halo allows the head to float in a more natural supine position. This enables the neck to completely relax and can dramatically reduce neck pain and discomfort while floating.”

So if you’re wondering where the old, soggy airline pillows are, reach for The Halo and give it a try. During testing, we found that almost everyone prefers The Halo!​