Becky Chase

November / December Feature Artist

Becky Chase is a Maine- based painter and illustrator. She is largely self-taught, creating works exploring an interplay of fun color, defined shape, and repetitive line. In 2015, Becky also published the popular adult coloring book Downeast Daydream. 

instagram: beckonthecheek

Customers and staff have noticed how these line paintings she has loaned us change through out the day. As the sun rises and sets the blocks of color either pop or recede into space. They are subtle optical illusions whose variations are calming and dynamic at the same time. The soft palette almost appears to be dusted, velvety, and slightly diaphanous.  The lines ebb and flow with implied movement. They appear fibrous, almost muscle like.  Come visit our lounge and soak in these beauties or spend time with them after your float. 

We have a bi-monthly rotating art program!
If you are interested in having your art featured in our float center,
please contact us!​