Our Center- Float Harder in Portland, Maine

Make An Appointment

  • Decide which float system you’d like to reserve.  Each of our four float systems are located in private rooms with showers. Choose from a Float Pod (we have two of these), the Standard Float Room, or the Deluxe Float Room. Want to know more about the differences between pods and rooms? Click here!
  • Make your appointment online where you can view our schedule and see what’s available… or give us a call to book!

When you make an appointment online or by phone, we’ll take your first/last name, phone and email. You’ll get an email confirmation with a link to some important tips for your first visit. Two days before your appointment, you’ll get a text message reminder, and (if it’s your first float) we’ll always try to contact you by phone to make sure you got the important tips about your first visit with us. If you think you made an appointment, but haven’t received any of these notifications, then give us a call because you may not have completed the process.

Evolution Float Pod – interior dimensions 7′ long 4′ wide
Quest Float Room (one person) – interior dimensions
8′ long 4.5′ wide and it has a 7.5′ ceiling!

First Visit?

  • Before your fist visit, be sure to read these important tips.
  • Arrive early to check in and sign our waiver

Pick Your Color & Pick Your Music

Our float systems give you the ability to customize each visit. You can chose a colored light for your float and a soft music track.  These can be turned off and on from inside the tank so adjust them the way you’d like or turn them off all together and experience pure peace and quiet! We’ll ask about your preferences when you arrive to your appointment.

We’ll Show You To Your Room

  • All amenities are provided for you. (towel, washcloths, earplugs, makeup wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, q-tips, and hair dryers.
  • You’ll shower before floating to help keep oil, debris, and hair and body products out of the tank water.
  • You’re in control of the lid, open and close it as you see fit.
  • There’s an intercom within the float system to communicate with the front desk should you need anything adjusted during your session. 

Just Float

  • Enter the float system carefully, sit down and lay back.
  • You’ll bob to the top just like a buoy, you’re floating!
  • Try some different positions until you find one that’s comfortable.
  • Concentrate on your breath and try to clear your mind.

After Your Float

Take another shower to rinse the salt of your body. Your skin will fee soft from the Epsom salt and, believe it or not, your skin won’t even be pruned up! We have additional amenities in the ‘Prep Room’ where you can prepare to go about your day. You’ll find hair dryers, q-tips, lotion, contact solution. If you don’t need to hurry off, relax in the lounge and enjoy a cup of tea by Homegrown Herb and Tea!

How The Water Is Cleaned

These beautifully designed float systems feature state of the art filtration technology, filtering the water through three different systems down to one micron, the same purity required of drinking water.  This is accomplished through the use of a carbon filter, UV light, and Ozone Infusion.  The water in the pod completes this cycle three times between each session.  The float systems also feature a variety of colored LED lights and hi-fidelity sonar speakers for music as well as communication with the front desk attendant. These are the same floatation systems that were installed in the New England Patriot’s training facility just before their most recent Super Bowl Championship season (Coincidence? You decide.)

Our float systems each have a powerful filtration unit which cleans the water after each use.

The Products That We Use

  • Our Epsom Salt is USP Medical Grade and manufactured in the United States.  
  • We have carefully selected all natural shower products and cleaning products to ensure that anything coming in contact with your skin is of the highest quality.
  • We’re excited to present to you a sustainable Maine business! 
  • Each decision that we make at Float Harder is made keeping the planet and local economy in mind.
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