Meet James & Amy Harder

About the Owners

We’re both originally from Maine, but we’ve been living all over… North Carolina, Connecticut, Germany, Iowa, Colorado and in a tent all the way up the East Coast. We’ve known each other since we were kids, we’ve been getting by and having fun for over nine years now! We love a good massage, who doesn’t? About eight years ago, during our quest to find a new spa to enjoy a massage, we stumbled across a spa in Denver, Colorado offering Floatation Therapy. A sensory reduction experience! Intrigued, we watched a few YouTube videos and decided we had to try this. We booked our massage and our first float session too. The benefits of floating were immediately evident. We came out experiencing the world around us in a refreshed way. Sounds seemed more clear, vision seemed sharper, an intense calm had washed over us. We knew that floating was something that we wanted to incorporate into our lives regularly. Four years, one cross country move, and an Appalachian Trail Thru Hike later, we landed back in our home state of Maine. We opened our own float center in Portland! Our mission: To make the benefits of floatation available at an affordable rate to the people of the State of Maine in order to help improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well being. We’re so excited to share this wonderful healing modality with everyone. Please contact us if you want to chat or have any questions at all!