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Please Review Our Temporary Procedures In Effect REOPENED AS OF JUNE 1ST! As a proactive measure to help efforts to limit COVID-19 spread and exposure, maintain the health of our staff and the community at large, we made the decision to temporarily close Float Harder in March. We continue to feel confident that floating is… Read more »

Stacy Howe

Stacy Howe Welcome to Float Harder, my name is Stacy Howe and I hail from Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Portland in 2008. I am one of the newest members of the team. Since I began working at Float Harder in December 2018 I have floated 31 times and counting! I am a fine artist when I am not facilitating your float experience. Floating helps me solidify my creative ideas. My artist practice has me doing a lot of high definition drawing and cutting paper and has taken its […]

Jess Rexford

Jess Rexford  Originally from New Hampshire, I lived all over New England before deciding to call Maine home. Now a resident of Windham, I enjoy the quick commute to Portland, especially when the destination includes floating.After learning some friends had tried this thing called ‘floating’ a few years back I had to give it a go. As someone who enjoys the quieter parts of life, floating, with the relief it brings to the senses, and ability to really check in with the body and mind, […]

Samantha Allen

Meet our Float Facilitators!! I was born and raised in Portland, Maine. I wasn’t planning on living in Maine for very long but after substantial traveling, I quickly realized that Portland had so much more to offer than I was giving it credit for. When I am not eating my way through Portland I like to spend… Read more »

Take some time to relax in our lounge

Where floaters have a space to relax before hopping in the tank and before easing back into the outside world.  When you come to float, we recommend making a little extra time before and after your appointment time to relax in our lounge. Your float will be much more enjoyable if you don’t have to… Read more »