Carter Shappy

April Feature Artist Click here if you’d like to see more artwork from Carter! It’s always bittersweet when we have to give back the artwork at the end of a month. Especially this month when we’ve been enjoying float inspired, back lit, bad ass prints. we have to let go of them, but we hope to have… Read more »


March Feature Artist If you’re interested in having your art featured in our float center, feel free to contact us! I was raised in Yarmouth, ME. After graduating high school, I left to the Midwest where I became a chef by degree. Currently, I reside in Portland. I began painting on canvas a little… Read more »

Christine Anuszewski

February Feature Artist Christine grew up in Maine and developed a loving appreciation for art at an early age. She spent her childhood exploring the beach, the ocean, the outdoors and all of the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Her gratitude for the natural world, combined with her curiosity, led to her desire to… Read more »

2016 Art Program – Great Success!

When Float Harder opened in mid April of last year, we had already decided that we wanted to have a rotating gallery of art, we just didn’t know where to begin! Someone suggested that we reach out to Maine College of Art as a starting point… of course! Some times it takes a gentle push… Read more »