Sean Edwards

September Feature Artist I started out with a 35mm film camera and a dark room. Seeing a photo that I took, come to life in a bucket of chemicals, an image I created slowly surfacing on paper was an incredible feeling. My personal style has changed over the years, as I have too. I now… Read more »

Shelly Afthim

​August Feature Artist Shelly Afthim is the owner of Rustic on the Ridge in WIndham. In 2008 Shelly left her sales career after being diagnosed with a heart condition and chronic Lyme disease to focus on her health and her family. She also is a client of Float Harder which helps relieve her Lyme disease… Read more »

Jessica Larner

July Feature Artist Jessica Larner is a figurative painter living and working in Portland, Maine. She received her B.F.A. from the Maine College of Art in 2009 and has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout New England. Jessica utilizes a variety of materials such as oxidized steel, watercolor, dyes, oils, and other mixed media to imbue… Read more »

Richard Hutchins

June Feature Artist Richard has many other pieces from various breweries. For more information or to purchase his art, contact Richard at If you’re interested in having your art featured in our float center, feel free to contact us! These art pieces are a labor of love. Twenty years ago I knew all… Read more »

Rachel Michaud

May Feature Artist The bouquet is a painting of the flowers that I purchased at the farmers market in Portland to bring to my mother’s wake. She would have loved them. I wanted to remember them and her always. The sunflowers were grown in the community garden where I have a large garden every year…. Read more »