Scott Thorp

February Feature Artist ​Scott Thorp  is a self taught photographer. His first interest in photography was in 4th grade and then again in high school spending many hours in the darkroom. After high school he photographed portraits and weddings for about 10 years. Taking a break from the stress of producing images for others it was… Read more »

Sam Guay

January Feature Artist Sam Guay is an illustrator primarily focused on personal works exploring lucid dreams, sensory deprivation and unseen emotional worlds. She’s currently working to finish the Blood Moon Tarrot, a full tarrot deck, in early 2018.Sam lives and works in the woods of New Hampshire. Her work has been included in publications such… Read more »

Jeff Jacques

December Feature Artist I draw questions, and we each come to our conclusions, so who is right? If I see what I see and you see what you see, how can we say one of us is right and the other is wrong? What happens if we share what we see with someone who holds… Read more »

Maria Castellano-Usery

​November Feature Artist Her work has been described as joyful, fun, mystical and colorful. She gives herself up to the process and just lets things flow; subject matter is whatever grabs her at the moment. “There is plenty of darkness in the world already; I try to infuse my work with light, love and positive… Read more »

Marciana Teegan

October Feature Artist Marci resides in Limington, Maine with musician husband, Thomas, relocated from New Jersey 45 years ago to play and paint in the state of Maine. A graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Marci began her career in Portland working in Visual Merchandising and Display for Macy’s, A.H. Benoit & Co.,… Read more »