Kyl Owens

July Feature Artist Kyl Owns was raised in the rotted woods of New England before leaving for NYC to attend the New York Film Academy. Upon completion, Kyl returned to the forest.  During this hiatus, he began the creation of Vorticist, an experimental 7 album noise project, utilizing the cinematic style he learned at NYFA…. Read more »

Marciana Teegan

June Feature Artist The artist enjoys travel and recreating vistas in acrylic paint medium from the places and people here in New England, Europe, Canada and The Caribbean, and strives to develop a style that reflects the celebration of life, and spirit of the place. Marciana Teegan lives in Limington, Maine with husband, Thomas, relocated… Read more »

Stacy Howe

May Feature Artist Through a process of Surrealist inspired automatism I have come to produce a series of assemblages. Surrealist notions of dream imagery, games of chance, and the marriage of contraries are employed to meld incongruous forms which are then harmonized through ornamentation. I use symbolic forms of the Gothic while imbuing the inanimate… Read more »

Stephen Gleasner

April Feature Artist Stephen Gleasner is a published writer, veteran woodturner, long distance cyclist and self proclaimed mad-man with over 25 years of experience in all four. Currently, he specializes in the carved and dyed wall pieces he calls “Plyscapes” and turned vessels that explore the patterning possibilities of Baltic Birch plywood. This material is… Read more »

Savannah Daras

March Feature Artist ​What I portray through my work is the essence of a dream, qualities that exist in the most perfect and beautiful of worlds; realistic mysticism. The aspects of life that you notice when you stop allowing your mind to take control, and just “be”. I like to say that I bring dreams… Read more »